Property Investors

Our property investment programme offers proven strategies for investors whether you are just starting out or building your portfolio.

There is an old saying that “success leaves clues” so why not enlist the help of a professional to give you all the tips you need to make the most of your property investment.

Our 10 Step Programme makes your journey easy.

1. Let’s chat

The first step is to talk to an APG consultant.  We’ll simply have a quick chat over the phone to find out a little bit about you and how we can help.

2. What’s affordable

It’s important to ensure you’re poised and ready to go in the finance area before we start talking about property.  An Assured finance consultant can briefly discuss your financial situation over the phone and prepare you for the best strategy.

3. Let’s Meet

It’s important you know who we are and how we can work for you.

We’ll take you through a short presentation and show you the market history of properties.  Once you’re ready to start investing, it’s time to consider some properties.  APG’s job is to source attractive packages for your consideration.

4. Review & seek advice

When you’re ready to buy a property, we want to make sure you’ve had time to gain all the professional advice you need.  This may include talking to your accountant or financial planner and we are happy to connect your with them.

5. Confirm your property

Ready to take the next step?  Once you’ve chosen your new investment home, we’ll put a hold on it for you so that no-one else can snap it up.  All we need is a deposit and you’re on your way.

6. Formal Finance

One of the most crucial steps you take when investing in property is getting the right finance structure.  An Assured finance consultant is skilled in finding the best investment loan structure for your needs.

7. Lock it down

Your APG consultant will introduce you to the vendor of the land and be with you at the signing of the contract. All APG agents are licensed real estate agents, so you can be confident you’ll have a professional hand to help lead you through this important process.

8. Take you by the hand

We’ll now take you by the hand and let you know of all the tips to prepare for your new property while it’s being built.  This will include things like; talking to a depreciation expert to get the maximum deductions, applying for any incentives or schemes available, obtaining cover for the relevant insurances and much more.

9. Find a tenant

Another crucial step in property investment is finding the right tenant and looking after the property on an ongoing basis.  You could do this yourself, select a property man-ager, or we can recommend a reliable property manager for you.

10. Pick up the keys

The final stage is to pick up the keys to your new investment home and hand them to your property manager.  Your new home is completely turn-key and ready for your tenant to move straight in.