Refinancing Your Loan

How do you know if it’s time to refinance your mortgage or consolidate your loans? Let me ask you another question. When is it a good time to put money back in your pocket? EVERY YEAR you should take a home loan health check to find out if the mortgage you have is still saving you money. A lot can happen in a year, life circumstances can change, you may have taken on extra debts and rates may have moved, so you owe it to yourself and your cash flow to check your home loan and debt situation every year.

Every client at Assured is unique, just like you. The reasons to refinance or consolidate are unique also.  You may be looking to:

Go on holiday

Landscape your yard and create a great place to relax and play

Gain some extra funds to secure your children’s education

Simply free up cash and reduce financial stress

Get a new pool for summer so you can holiday at home

Put in that new kitchen you’ve always been talking about

Build an extension for the new family addition or just gain some extra space

Invest in a new car to keep the family safe on the road

Get rid of expensive/ high interest credit card debt

Debt consolidation: get rid of expensive personal or car loans